Written On: Thursday, Nov 23 2017

Packages to help you take back control of your health and wellbeing

Bespoke 6 week wellbeing support package:

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​I don’t often ‘do’ special offers; people generally book in to see a Medical Herbalist when they realise they need some help getting their health back on track, and they haven’t managed to find that help elsewhere.  But I have noticed recently that sometimes people come for one or two consultations and then I never see them again.  I have to admit I’ve done a lot of soul searching about this / taken it a bit personally and worried that I was doing something wrong.  But, when I’ve asked for feedback I’ve discovered three things:

​1) It can be difficult to set up good habits, whether that be making changes to your diet or lifestyle or remembering to take your herbal medicine 3 times a day.  And if you go a couple of weeks between seeing your herbalist, and realise you haven’t managed this, sometimes it seems to make sense to cancel the next appointment until you manage to make those changes / take the medicine regularly.
​2) if you don’t make the changes, or take the medication regularly you might not feel any better, so decide ‘its not working for you’
​3) when you booked to see a herbalist you didn’t realise what the full investment (money and time) would be.

So, I want to fix these barriers to you finding your way to better health.

I understand the enormous benefit of having someone ‘in your corner’, someone who will truly listen, care, and help you get to the root cause of whatever is going on with your health.  And I understand the value of both accountability and support to make changes.  I don’t offer ‘a magic pill to cure every ill’ but I will walk with you on your journey.  I also understand that in these challenging financial times it helps if you know upfront what it’s going to cost and then you can decide if its worth it.

​With all this in mind, I think it would be useful to offer a package of care alongside my ‘pay as you go’ consultations and for a limited time I’m offering it at a discounted rate to encourage you to consider investing in your health and wellbeing.

​Tailored to your individual need, this will include an initial consultation, which typically lasts one hour.  In this appointment we will discuss why you want to consult with a Medical Herbalist and go through your entire health history to understand your story and help set your aims for treatment.  We will discuss diet and lifestyle so that we can work together to discover what will work best for you.
​Unless there is a need for further tests you will begin herbal support after this initial consultation
​Typically you will return for a follow-up consultation a week later.  This way there is no delay for you to ask questions that you may have forgotten about at your first appointment.  We can check in on how you are getting on with your herbal prescription and any dietary and lifestyle recommendations. If appropriate for your needs, we will look at you diet in more depth and after this consultation you will be sent further dietary suggestions.  Alternatively we can explore and discuss other useful self-care measures.
​The timing of your 3rd follow-up consultation will be set to suit your requirements, typically 2-3 weeks later.  We will review how you are getting on, and any further adjustments or support that might be helpful.  
​At the end of the 6 weeks you will have a further consultation to assess progress and any further recommendations.  Some patients will need ongoing care which will be discussed during this appointment and paid for on an ad-hoc basis after that.  However where possible many patients can be signed off with tools they need to carry on in good health.

​For January I am offering a reduced rate of £148 for this package, which includes 4 consultations, recommendations and 6 weeks of herbal prescriptions.

​Vouchers are available if you want to drop heavy hints before Christmas!


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