I love educating people about herbal medicine.  Helping people to discover just what plants can do for us and exploring all the different things we can create once we have an understanding of the science and art of herbal medicine​ practice. That might be as simple as learning how common herbs we have in our garden can be used to improve our health or learning what seasonal plants can be safely foraged to create natural tonics and medicines.  Or you may want to look a bit deeper into herbal pharmacy.  (Who wouldn’t love the idea of a ‘Potions Class’?) Or perhaps learn how to make your own natural skin creams and cosmetics.  

​I have standard workshops which I have run regularly for many years. See below for some examples.  I’m also happy to create bespoke workshops, tailored to your particular interests.  In these unusual times, I am working on some online workshops to be delivered via Zoom.  Watch this space for more details or email me at info@bespokebotanicals.co.uk to register your interest.

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Learn to make your own
natural skincare & cosmetics


In this 2 hour workshop you will learn how to make 4 natural products. 

You can choose between:


cleansing face-balm


nourishing face cream


soothing hand cream


body lotion




bath bombs and bathsoaks


massage candle


lip balm

Bespoke Botanicals DAISY

Seasonal Wellbeing Workshops:

Spring Tonics.  Learn about the plants starting to appear at this time of year, and how they can be used to make nourishing tonics to support detoxification and the immune system.  Create an infused oil, which is then made into a soothing cream for those whose seasonal allergies start at this time of year.  Learn about how herb teas can be used to support all the different body systems.

Summer Celebration. Discover how to make use of the abundance of this season.  Creating herbal oils, vinegar tinctures and syrups.  Learn about herb teas for seasonal allergies and refreshing summer drinks and create a cooling aftersun cream.

Autumn. Hygge Learn what berries, hips and haws can be safely foraged now, to create medicines to support you through the winter months.  Create some calming teas, nourishing spice-filled treats and pampering creams to help us slow down and enjoy the season.

Winter Wellbeing. Create a winter medicine chest to ward off seasonal coughs and colds, learning which herbs support immune function and specific body systems.  Make an Immune Support Elixir and a cough syrup and learn about chest balms and poultices, as well as herbs to lift the mood

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Create your own Natural Pharmacy.

Learn how to make herbal tinctures, syrups, teas and creams to treat your families simple health problems.

This can be delivered as a single 2 hour workshop, covering the basics of how to make the different herbal preparations: herbal tea or decotions, infused oils and vinegars, tinctures and creams; and which herbs are useful to have in your natural medicine cabinet to treat common health conditions. Or for those who want to delve deeper and really get to know their herbs there is a series of workshops where we spend a couple of hours looking at the different ways a single herb can be used.  (You’ll be suprised!)

Finally (coming soon!) a series of workshops where we look at individual body systems (the circulatory system, the digestive system, the endocrine system, the immune system, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the reproductive system, the respiratory system, the urinary system and the skin) and what herbs can do to support these systems.

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