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What can herbal medicine do for you? 

Herbal medicine helps your body come back to balance. A bespoke herbal prescription treats the whole person, not the disease.  It looks beyond your presenting symptoms, at all aspects of your health and works towards identifying and treating the underlying cause.

Every prescription is created after a full consultation which takes into account your lifestyle and medical history as well as your current symptoms.  We explore when you last felt well and then use herbs to support your body back into optimal health. 

Herbs are powerful, complex medicine.  Every individual herb has many active ingredients which may have several simultaneous therapeutic actions in your body.  

Like a mainstream doctor, medical herbalists have diagnostic and pharmaceutical training.  So when you work with a professional medical herbalist, like me, you can be sure that your herbal medicine will be safe alongside any other medication that you’re taking and is suitable for your unique constitution. It is a very different experience to picking up a remedy off the shelf.

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I regularly treat people with conditions like:


Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME


Menopause and period problems


IBS and digestive disorders


Insomnia, anxiety and low mood


Fertility issues

Personalised support to restore your health with herbal medicine:
work with your body, not against it 

Bespoke Botanicals DAISY


Consultation with Michaela Scott


a personalised, holistic review of your case, with bespoke advice and herbal prescriptions.

PathfinderProgramme FollowUp

The Pathfinder Programme

a full programme of support, alongside herbal prescriptions to help restore your health.



one-offs or an in-depth series to give you the skills to boost your health with plants.

Meet Michaela

Hello! I’m a consultant medical herbalist with 12 years experience. I was, perhaps, always destined to be a medical herbalist: my parents ran a business selling health foods and herbal remedies when I was a child, and I loved being part of it. Then, as a teenager I was unwell for many years due to chronic health conditions. The limitations of conventional medicine became painfully clear to me. 

That said, I’m not against conventional medicine. I believe (and know from my clients) that bringing conventional and herbal medicines into partnership can often bring the best results. I love herbal medicine as it has a clear scientific basis, and one of the things I love most is reading up on new research around the medical benefits of plants. I am happy to liaise with doctors to ensure your medical care is as effective as possible. 

 If you’ve hit a wall with a medical condition, or are simply at a low ebb, I’d love to work with you to restore your health through herbal medicine.

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After my initial consultation I had a huge improvement with my menopause symptoms: my hot flashes are very infrequent, my fatigue has improved and after I developed joint pain my prescription was altered so that has reduced significantly as well. I’m so happy I decided to try a bespoke herbal prescription to help with my menopause symptoms.


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