Your route back to good health

The Pathfinder Programme

When was the last time you felt well? I don’t just mean ‘not ill’. I mean well.

Can you remember? For many, loss of good health happens so gradually you don’t notice. But when you pause to think about it, you know you didn’t used to feel like this. Lethargic. Headachy. Skin problems. Muscular or joint pain. 

For some, you know you’re not doing the right things to maintain good health. But life threw you a few too many curveballs and now you just can’t get back on track. You’ve learned to live with it as best you can.

But you know life can feel better than this. You know you can feel better than this. You just don’t know how to turn it around. 

Making changes takes effort. And it’s hard when we’re not feeling great in the first place. Often people put off tackling their health problems for years because they’ve got used to accommodating them. They don’t know where to start with getting back to the optimal health they dream of. The months pass. It’s a lot of life and opportunity missed.

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Michaela dispensing herbal treatments

But what if you had someone supporting you along the way?

Not a GP, who is limited by a ten minute appointment slot, so is likely to target the most obvious symptoms rather than get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Not a therapist, who might help you understand the roots of your ill health but not give you tools to change things.

What if you had me? A trained medical herbalist to help restore your body to balance and good health.

We will get to the root cause of your ill health and you will see lasting changes

I can:


Discuss all of your symptoms and how they affect you


Help you understand the past and present lifestyle factors that affect your health


Do additional research to really get to the heart of things


Collaborate with you to make a workable health plan you can stick to


Create a bespoke herbal prescription to bring you back into balance (NOT just treat individual symptoms)


Review your health needs, and adjust your prescription as needed

In short, I can walk alongside you as you find your way back to good health. It’s not a magic pill. You will need to actively make changes, as well as take the herbal prescriptions. But you will have my support along the way.

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Bespoke Botanicals LAVENDER

The Pathfinder Programme:
four steps to good health


PathfinderProgramme Plan

Initial Consultation

A one-hour in-person or zoom consultation where we discuss your current and past health, your preferences, your lifestyle, your hopes for future health. You can start making positive changes immediately.


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Bespoke Prescription

Following your consultation I will prepare a bespoke herbal prescription as well as make other dietary and lifestyle recommendations. This prescription is designed to restore balance to your body.


PathfinderProgramme FollowUp

Follow up

After two weeks we will have a follow-up consultation to review your health and any lifestyle changes you’ve been making. I provide another prescription for four weeks, adjusted based on your feedback if needed.


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Ongoing plan

After six weeks have passed we have another consultation. We can then make a plan for your future treatment, both prescriptions and lifestyle recommendations.


“I have been using the bespoke immune tonic Michaela did for me for about 4 months now, alongside a salt lamp that Michaela also suggested, and not only have I not been ill but, incredibly, I haven’t needed my salbutamol inhaler for so many weeks I can’t remember when I last used it. My asthma has NEVER been so good!”


“Michaela is an amazing specialist in her area, I have used her ‘magic potions’ 3 times, to help with period issues and stress related problems. We had a telephone appointment every time when she listened carefully to my symptoms, asked lots of questions and then make bespoke herbal medicine to help me. They have made a big difference and I highly recommend her work.”


“Michaela, Is an amazing herbalist and therapist. She has a font of knowledge at her finger tips and if she doesn’t know the answer she dedicates herself to research to understand how best she can help you, which is exactly what she did in my experience. Her extensive research has helped me make a significant change in my health, which the consultant said wouldn’t happen!”


The Price


Three consultations.

Six weeks of bespoke prescriptions.

A tailored plan for you.

All for £175.