Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage


The many benefits of different kinds of massage have been known worldwide for thousands of years. Happily, therapeutic massage is now an officially recognised complementary therapy in the West.

Clients both well and ill can benefit from massage, which can positively affect people in physical and mental ways. Physical benefits can include muscle relaxation; increased flexibility; relief for tense neck or shoulders; stimulated circulation which can improve skin condition due to increased blood flow; improved digestive and elimination processes; relief from headaches, eye strain, and insomnia. Psychological benefits can include feelings of relaxation and calmness; optimism, hope and rejuvenation; improved concentration and alertness; feeling nurtured and cared for.

You can choose from a choice of treatments, including: 
Full Body Massage (which typically lasts 60 minutes),
Back Massage (30 minutes)
Indian Head Massage (20-30 minutes) 

An initial treatment includes a brief consultation before the massage, enabling me to learn what you want from the massage, any physical conditions, or contra-indications to treatment (such as recent operation scars) or specific areas needing attention (eg tense shoulders.)  You are left to undress if required (just partially for a back, neck and shoulders treatment) and lie on the couch under a big towel.  I will then return, give the treatment, then leave you to get up and dressed in your own time. On return visits, there is just a quick chat before and after the treatment including follow-up advice if relevant.